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Water Filtration FAQ

Water Filter

We rely on water every single day. Water enters your home and we hope it’s of good quality. While on the whole, our municipal water systems do a great job of keeping our water healthy, there’s always room for improvement. We’ll explain the answers to some of the common questions we get regarding water filters in this blog, so you can see if a new system is right for you and your family.

What are the Types of Water Filter?

Water treatment systems are primarily categorized by scope and method. When deciding on a water filter, you can get one that will purify a specific appliance or the water entering your entire home.

The main difference in benefits between these two is the cost and use. For something like a water softener system, a whole-home unit can do wonders. If you want to filter out particulates for the crispest, cleanest tasting water, an under-the-counter unit is more practical.

The second categorization is found in the purification method. Reverse osmosis is perhaps the most common, but UV filters are an emerging technology to consider as well. Either way, a properly installed filter can do wonders for your household.

What is Hard Water and Should I Be Worried About It?

Water “hardness” is a measure of mineral content in the water. With small particles in your water, it can cause dry skin, and wear and tear on clothing. Additionally, mineral deposits can grow in your pipes and cause water pressure issues and frequent clogs.

It’s perfectly fine for drinking water, even though many complain about the taste of water with high calcium deposits, so it’s not something to worry about health-wise. However, it’s important to know that San Diego has high levels of hard water, so your skin, hair, and clothes are being affected if you do not have a system installed.

We hope to answer more of your water filter questions in the future, but we’ll leave it at that for now. If you’re interested in a water filtration system, give Paws Plumbing a call and our local technicians can help.

We are taking every step to ensure the safety of our technicians and customers during this time. Call us at (858) 252-1670 or set up an appointment online!