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San Diego Water Treatment System Installation

Water Filters & Water Softener Installation Provide a Healthier Water Supply

When was the last time you really thought about what could be in your water supply? Sure, your water may pass through the public treatment system, meaning it is pretreated and filtered before it reaches your pipes. Pure water, however, isn't a guarantee.

To protect your family and your pets from potentially harmful water, install a water treatment system. Paws Plumbing has the experience to help you select the right system for your home based on testing and other factors on your property. We have a wide range of systems available and can get your new equipment installed in no time. Our San Diego plumbers can even perform repairs for an existing water treatment system.

Get your tail wagging with cleaner, healthier water. Contact us at Paws Plumbing at (858) 252-1670 today to schedule water treatment services in San Diego, CA and the surrounding areas.

What Can You Do to Treat Your Water?

Your water may be contaminated with chemicals and particulate you would never let your family near. Alternatively, sediment in the water may be completely safe for consumption but devastating to the condition of your pipes and the plumbing fixtures in your home.

To fix these problems, you could purchase a filtered water pitcher or even an attachment for the end of your sink faucet. These may seem like sufficient solutions, but are they really doing enough? The filters in a faucet or pitcher are rarely as effective as one would want. Plus, these solutions do not improve the water supply everywhere in your house – your showers, bathtubs, washing machines, and other appliances still rely on untreated water supplies.

To help homeowners looking to really take control of the water quality in their homes, we can install:

  • Reverse osmosis systems: This is the most powerful water purification you can have in a home. In fact, reverse osmosis is often used to convert saltwater into drinking water.
  • UV water purifiers: A UV water purifier kills germs like bacteria and viruses to keep your family members (and pups!) healthy.
  • Water filter installation systems: A good water filtration system filters impurities as water comes into your home, right from the source.
  • Water softeners: A water softener gets rid of hard water, which can damage your pipes, your dishwasher, and all of your most important home plumbing appliances.

5 Signs You Need Water Softener Installation

1.Stains on your plumbing appliances - Hard water is simply water with an abundance of minerals such as magnesium or iron. While water evaporates, these minerals won't and will end up staining your plumbing appliances so if they do call in our San Diego water softener installation experts.

2. Your soap products don't seem to be working - If you haven't changed your detergents or soap products but they seem to stop working, you should double check that it's not your water. To test if you have hard water, put in some soap and water into a clear water bottle and look at the reaction. If suds form and your water is relatively clear you're okay, but if there are no suds and you get cloudy water instead you have hard water.

3. Irritated hair and skin - We're used to washing ourselves with clean water, so if there are any minerals in your water you might notice it when you're washing your hands or are in the shower.

4. Your plumbing appliances keep breaking down - Plumbing appliances in general were made to deal with water in it's purest form. When the water has an abundance of minerals, it can be very taxing on your toilet and dishwasher for example.

5. Slow water pressure across the board - Hard water is heavier so it will come out of your showerhead and faucets slower. If you suspect that your water pressure has dropped, call in our San Diego water softener installation experts and we'll get to the bottom of your problem.

Before deciding which system is best for you, our San Diego water filter installation experts will perform water quality tests and inspect your water supply. This will help us determine what kinds of contaminants are present in the water you use for drinking, cooking, and cleaning, and will reveal what kind of treatment or filtration system will best remove them.

Commercial Water Treatment Systems

If you want a water treatment system for your commercial property, our plumbers in San Diego can handle that, too. We install large commercial water treatment systems to help you soften and clean your water supply. Though Paws Plumbing specializes in restaurant water filtration, we can find a solution that’s right for your building no matter what kind of property you have.

Clean and pure water is a must! Contact the friendly team at Paws Plumbing to get a residential or commercial water treatment system installed today. Dial (858) 252-1670.

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