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San Diego Water Heater Repair

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As a homeowner, there a lot of things that can go wrong which are more than a little annoying. However, a broken water heater might be at the top of that list. A broken water heater can mean all sorts of things, from a lack of hot water to do dishes or laundry to cold showers that are a real rude awakening. 

Being without hot water for even a single day can be detrimental to your home and your life, so it’s important to make sure you get your water heater fixed right as soon as you can. When you call the San Diego plumbers from Paws Plumbing, you can be confident that your water heater will be working again faster than you may have thought possible.

We know water heaters inside and out, and we can quickly and accurately diagnose the problem you’re experiencing with yours in order to recommend and implement a cost-effective fix.

We’ve seen just about every type of water heater problem there is, and we use that experience to recommend a repair strategy that saves you as much money as possible and is in the best interests of your home. We’re honest about your water heater as well, and we never recommend services you won’t need if it means charging you more.

Let us help you with your water heater problem! Pick up the phone and call the San Diego water heater repair plumbers from Paws Plumbing at (858) 252-1670 today!

5 Signs You May Need Water Heater Repair

Less Hot Water 

Have people within your home started complaining about going with lukewarm or even cold showers in the morning? If this is a new occurrence and there used to be enough hot water for everyone in the morning, then your water heater is likely losing heating power. 

This is one of the most common signs that your water heater needs to be repaired, or possibly even replaced is this is coupled with old age.

Rusty Colored Water 

Turn on your hot water taps. Do you see rusty, or brownish discoloration in the water? This often means that there is too much sediment inside the hot water tank. 

It may also indicate corrosion. Check to see if this is occurring in your cold water taps too—if it is there is either a problem with your plumbing system as a whole or the municipal water supply.


Due to the constant presence of water in the metal water heater tank, water heaters are designed to resist corrosion. This is made possible with a component called the anode rod, which absorbs rust and corrosion so that it doesn’t impact the inside of the tank.

The anode rod must be replaced every once in awhile, it’s important to schedule maintenance in order to let us check its condition.

Strange Noises 

This sound can be alarming, leading you to think your water heater’s tank is about to burst. The good news is, this likely is not the case. 

However, this isn’t a noise you want to ignore, as it might mean the water pressure has risen too high, there is sediment along the bottom of the tank, you have a broken expansion tank. If this is the case, don't hesitate to call our San Diego water heater repair team.

Water Leaks 

A sight you never want to see is water pooling around the base of your water heater. The only place you should ever see water is dripping from the pressure relief valve. If there’s water dripping from anywhere else, it’s a serious problem that must be addressed by a professional plumber right away.

The Main Differences Between Water Heater Repair & Replacement

One of the most common questions we receive from customers is if their water heater can be repaired? It's not always a question of if your unit can be repaired as it almost always can. It's really a question of if your should opt for water heater repair or replacement. 

While replacement might sometimes be the best, this isn’t always true—there are cases where a repair can keep your system running and give you several more years of use before replacement becomes necessary. 

Consider replacement if any of the following apply:

  • Your unit is old - Water heaters usually only last about eight to ten years on a normal basis anyway, so replacement may seem like the best option in those situations rather than calling in our San Diego water heater repair experts.
  • There's damage to the tank - Leaks and corrosion happen to water heaters on lines and the tank itself. While damage to your anode rod or water lines can be fixed rather easily, if the damage is to the tank itself, it'll be cheaper to replace the unit than to repair it.
  • Loud rumbling or grinding sounds - Not all sounds mean the same thing. If there is a snapping or popping sound then you just need to call in our water heater repair specialists to give your unit a good cleaning. But if you hear this loud grinding or rumbling sound then it could be time for replacement.
  • A very expensive repair - A good rule of thumb is that if the water heater repair is close to half the cost of a new unit, you should opt for the replacement. It's also a good idea to factor in the unit's age as that has a lot to do with replacing a unit as well.

Water Heater Issues We Handle

We can fix all types of water heater issues, including:

  • Gas connection problems
  • Electrical connection problems
  • Tank exhaust problems
  • Faulty burners
  • Dead or defective heating elements
  • Emergency drain issues
  • Pressure relief problems
  • Loud noises or strange smells

What Should You Do if Your Tank Is Leaking?

There’s really only one type of problem that can’t be fixed: tank leaks. While it is possible to fix a leaking tank, a leak is usually a sign of corrosion or wear on the tank itself. 

Water will eventually corrode the metal in your tank, and a small leak is a sign that more leaks could be developing elsewhere. In most cases, it’s not a good investment to repair a leak in your tank when another one may form not long after. 

Likewise, getting in to actually repair a leaking tank usually involves tearing into the metal and insulation that makes your tank’s structure, which usually damages the tank beyond repair and makes it less efficient. When you have a leak, we strongly advise having your tank replaced immediately.

Tankless Water Heater Repairs

Our San Diego plumbers can also help you with tankless water heater issues! Tankless water heaters are popular because they don’t have a tank of water they have to keep at an ideal temperature, and thus they are far less prone to the problems that tank-style heaters have. 

When you need your tankless heater fixed, we can help you with that as well. We service all makes and models, and can get your system working again so you can go back to enjoying a limitless supply of hot water as soon as possible.

Contact Paws Plumbing and let our San Diego water heater repair team fix your water heater issues now!

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