Tree Roots: A Bigger Threat Than You May Realize

It’s no coincidence that your plumbing system’s sewer line is buried beneath your property and your yard. For starters, it’s obviously more attractive this way. Secondly, it’s safe and functional this way. Unfortunately, this means that not only is it out of sight and hard for you to spot problems with it right away, but it’s also prone to issues such a tree root infiltration, which is a more common reason for clogged drains in Del Mar, CA than you may realize, and a bigger threat than you may know.

Tree roots are known to cause severe sewer line damage, requiring the assistance of professional plumbers in order to repair. Tree roots crave water, and therefore even the smallest leak in your sewer line can attract them.

Are They Really That Damaging?

Your sewer lines are sturdy, for the most part. To you, they may seem completely impenetrable. But if your sewer line is aging, or even if it’s just made from a less durable material, then it is going to be susceptible to persistent roots and plant growth. Typically, the piping that is most prone to tree root infiltration is clay tile or Orangeburg pipes. But even concrete or PVC pipes can be affected.

Once tree roots have grown into your sewer line and damaged the pipes, they create two subsequent issues. First, the affected section of piping enables sewage to leak out into your yard—you might notice standing water, spongy grass, and/or an unpleasant smell coming from your yard. Secondly, the roots can continue to grow up into the pipes as they absorb water, causing a partial or complete blockage of your sewer line.

Can This Be Prevented?

Yes, tree root infiltration and damage can be prevented. First, our plumbing pros can help you determine where exactly your sewer line is, so you can plant trees a safe distance away. There are some trees that are even more likely to put out roots that can damage your sewer line more than others, which is good information to know.

If you are concerned about the age or condition of your sewer line pipes, our plumbers can perform a video pipe inspection to investigate your plumbing system and see if it is, in fact, prone to damage or deterioration, and take the proper steps from there. This might include replacing your piping with more durable and root-resistant material.

“I’ve Already Experienced Tree Root Damage, Now What?”

In addition to performing video pipe inspection to make sure that tree roots are actually what is causing your plumbing issues, we have a number of professional-grade tools to help us resolve this problem for you. More often than not, we’ll use augers to break up the tree roots, and we can replace pipes that are too damaged by the tree roots to be repaired. It may even benefit you to have your pipes rerouted away from your landscaping, if adjusting your landscaping is not an option.

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