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Is It Time for You to Call a Plumber?


At Paws Plumbing, we know your home’s plumbing system was designed to last for decades, or longer. However, sooner or later even the most durable pipes begin to corrode and will likely suffer from a leak. This is especially true here in Encinitas, where hard water is common among households—hard water is water with a high concentration of magnesium and calcium (both of which eat away at your pipes).

The problem with detecting a plumbing leak lies in the fact that most of your plumbing system is hidden behind walls or in crawlspaces, where leaks can go unnoticed for weeks or even months in some cases. There are some leaks that are obvious—a burst pipe quickly spreading water across your kitchen floor, for instance—but others are much more subtle.

Watch for the Signs of a Plumbing Leak

The good news is, there are symptoms you can watch out for that indicates a plumbing leak is happening. When you know what to look for, they are easier to spot, and the results can spare your household a great deal of damage and inconvenience. If you’re still unsure after this, but think you might have a leak, we recommend that you call a plumber in Encinitas, CA. This will guarantee that if you do have a problem, it will be resolved quickly.

In the meantime, read on for common signs of a plumbing leak:

  • The sound of running or dripping water: Be especially aware if this is occurring in a spot with no obvious source.
  • Soft spots along walls or floor: If there are areas that are becoming soft from moisture, chances are there’s a leak beneath or behind that area.
  • Mold growth anywhere in your home: While this could be a sign of too much humidity in your home, it may certainly be the sign of a leak.
  • Unexpected spikes in your water bill: Be especially aware if you haven’t been using your plumbing appliances any more than normal, yet your water bills are rising.
  • Hot or cold spots on your flooring: This is the sign of a slab leak, and you’re feeling it due to the temperature changes as the water passes through.
  • Reduced water pressure from faucets and other plumbing outlets: Depending on how many are impacted, you can get a pretty good idea of where the leak might be. This is also the sign of a clog, and if it’s occurring with all your faucets, you have a main water line blockage.
  • A running meter despite no running water: There’s a relatively easy way to spot a leak in your home if you’re unsure. Check the meter reading, then wait about 30 minutes without using a single plumbing outlet. Then check it again. If the meter has gone up, then you have a leak.

What To Do When You Spot the Signs of a Plumbing Leak

The immediate next step you should take when you see the signs of a plumbing leak is to turn off the water to the affected area. If you’re unsure how or if there’s no ready way to tell where it’s actually located, then turn off the main water valve to your home. This will shut off water to the entire plumbing system. It’s a very good idea to ensure that everyone in your household understands how to use the main water valve, and, of course, where it’s located.

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