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Don't Ignore the Signs of a Slab Leak


It’s an unfortunate fact of life that sometime over the course of your home-ownership, you’ll have a plumbing problem that you need to deal with. Scheduling services for such a problem requires a professional Carmel Valley, CA plumber, if you have any hope of keeping your plumbing system working as reliably as possible.

Now, some plumbing problems are pretty benign in that they can be easily fixed—perhaps a leaking faucet or a slow-moving drain. But, the issue could be something more serious, leading to property damage and expensive repairs if not caught soon enough. One of these problems, in particular, is a slab leak.

The Formidable Slab Leak

Aren’t all leaks the same? What sets a slab leak apart from the rest? Why should you be so concerned, anyway? After all, a leak anywhere in your home is an issue that you’ll want to resolve ASAP. But there are some leaks that are more problematic than others, with the slab leak being one of them. The reason for this is because of its location.

A slab leak is a leak in your water line buried underneath the concrete foundation (the slab) of your home. This leads to a few different problems, with the main one being it can be difficult to realize when you even have a slab leak, until damage has already occurred. The good news is, however, that there are some signs, which we’ve highlighted below, that you can watch out for. Be sure to call a plumber right away though to minimize as much property damage as you can!

  • Check your water bill. Are you using any more water than average in your home? If not, but your bills are increasing and you see no signs of a leak, you might be dealing with an invisible slab leak.
  • Listen for running water. If you have no plumbing appliances on, you shouldn’t hear running water!
  • Feel for warm spots on your flooring. Have you ever walked through the kitchen, noticed a warm spot, and chalked it up to being an area where your pet sleeps? Well, your pet may be sleeping there because it’s warm—don’t ignore this sign! Slab leaks are typically more often to occur in hot water lines than cold lines.

Contact the Pros for Slab Leak Repair

Recognizing that you have a slab leak problem is the first challenge you’ll deal with, but it’s not the last. Pinpointing and accessing a slab leak in order to repair it is not something the average homeowner can or should take on.

You could end up tearing up the wrong section of foundation, or cause damage to your property that voids out insurance or HOA coverage. Plus, do you really want to deal with the inconvenience of ripping up your flooring?

Hiring a pro for leak detection and slab leak repair means that you’ll have a plumber with the tools necessary to precisely locate the leak so that we can minimize any disruption to your property. Then your plumber can expose the damaged piece of pipe and have it repaired in a much quicker fashion than could be possible with guesswork.

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