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Do You Need Pressure Reducing Valves in Your Plumbing System?


Your plumbing system is one of those things in your home that you probably take for granted. It makes sense—it’s easy to forget about something that is mostly hidden behind walls and underneath the foundation of your home. Unfortunately, though, many homeowners may not realize there is a problem with their plumbing system until it’s become pretty advanced.

One problem that’s pretty noticeable, and easy to fix, however, is too high of water pressure. Okay, so maybe you’ve never heard of that complaint. Yes, it’s true, not many people are too worried about too much water pressure, in fact, most people prefer more! However, a Solana Beach, CA pressure reducing valve installation can do your plumbing system a lot of good. Keep reading to learn why.

Pressure Reducing Valves Help Your Appliances

When water pressure is too high, your water-bearing appliances have to work harder. Imagine you just bought a brand new dishwasher. If the water pressure is high enough, it can put significant strain on this system, and over the years it will damage the appliance until you find yourself having to replace it much sooner than you otherwise would have had to.

They Help Your Plumbing System Too!

We get it—you don’t want to shower underneath a barely trickling shower head. The trick is, you need to find the right balance between your water pressure and your budget. Reducing high water pressure extends the life of your plumbing fixtures. When you have to repair or replace pipes less often, your wallet benefits!

Pressure reducing valves allow you a comfortable water pressure that your plumbing system can handle. Additionally, this helps you save water. This means your water bills won’t be as high—another benefit to your wallet! Plus, now you’re being environmentally conscious.

Another component of your plumbing system that a PRV helps is your supply lines. When new homes are built, water lines are put in by the city and the water pressure is raised. Your home, especially if it’s an older one, may not be able to handle this sudden rise in pressure. Components in your home that can suffer include your water heater, dishwasher, and even washing machine. Nobody wants burst pipes in their home! Not only is it messy, but you could find yourself facing expensive property damage.

Unsure Of Your Water Pressure?

Most homeowners think they know whether their water pressure is too high or too low. However, just because it feels comfortable to you doesn’t necessarily mean it’s at the right level. If you’ve never had your water pressure checked by a professional plumber, now is the time to do so.

Not only can you help protect your plumbing system, but having a professional check it gives you the peace of mind that you are doing everything in your power to protect your home and everything within it.

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