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Paws Plumbing Maintenance Program

Annual Service & Discounts From Our Plumbers in San Diego

Sign up for our plumbing maintenance program to get some of the best deals on plumbing and to protect one of the biggest investments in your home. Our Home Plumbing Protection Plan is easy to sign up for and it’s the best way to alert yourself and your family members to problems around the home that you wouldn’t catch on your own.

Our Home Plumbing Protection Plan is an excellent deal with monthly or annual payment plans that help you save more than you spend over time.

Call our team at (858) 252-1670 to learn more about our maintenance program.

Home Plumbing Protection Plan

Saving money on repairs and installations for the important plumbing equipment in your home has never been easier. When you agree to make low monthly or annual payments in exchange for emergency plumbing service prevention, your home’s plumbing system will remain in prime condition all year long.

Some of the primary benefits of our maintenance program include:

  • Value pricing: Members get a 10% discount or more on services performed throughout the year. Typically, the discount will more than pay for the cost of the maintenance plan!
  • Annual home inspection: Once a year, you get a whole-home safety inspection which may help to protect the pipes and fixtures throughout your house. This includes steps such as toilet dye tests, water heater tank flushes, and water pressure testing among others.
  • Priority dispatching: When you call us for plumbing service, you’ll be next on the list, ahead of those who may have been waiting longer.
  • Shut-off valve tagging: This makes valves easier to locate when you need them.

Why You Should Get Annual Plumbing Inspections

You don’t really know whether your plumbing system is in the best condition possible until you get an inspection. Pipes and drains could seem to be performing fine even though there are major signs of corrosion throughout them. Water heaters may be at risk of a major leak sometime soon that you would never know about without the help of a professional.

Let us check on your plumbing system and make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. We go through a thorough checklist and inspect every inch of your plumbing system. We will share all of our findings after the inspection is completed and may recommend a more thorough camera inspection or safety inspection if we notice a problem.

Let Us Protect Your Investment

If you are on the fence about our Home Plumbing Protection Plan, remember that your pipes and fixtures are likely to last longer as a result of joining our program. The cost is relatively low for the benefits you receive. When you get 10% off any repair during your membership, the cost is likely to be paid off in only a few short years.

Besides, it is better to fix a plumbing problem early than to wait until a system breaks down completely. We will look for signs of water heater failure and pipe corrosion, check seals and gaskets, and leave your equipment cleaner for optimal efficiency. Our plumbers in San Diego will only recommend repairs if they are truly right for your home.

Contact our team today to sign up for our excellent plumbing maintenance plan. Dial (858) 252-1670.

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